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With MyDentLab you can monitor cases, wages, profitability, and communicate instantly within your lab and with dentists.

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Renáta Delongová

“The application is so intuitive that we have started to use it fully from the first hour. It greatly facilitates communication between the lab and the dentists.“

Renáta Delongová,
owner of a dental lab

MDDr. Martin Smolík

“I appreciate that we no longer need to send photos by e-mail, but we can attach them directly to the job. Both I and the technician have a perfect overview.”

MDDr. Martin Smolík,

MyDentLab helps dental labs and dentists cooperate easier

Online overview of all cases

Online overview of all cases

You can manage your cases from anywhere in the world using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Technician workload

The lab manager sees new tasks online as well as the workload percentage of technicians. It's easy to assign a task to the right person.



You can easily track finished cases and see if you issued an invoice for each case.

Feedback and rating

Feedback and rating

Dentists can quickly evaluate the cases and technicians get valuable information for future improvements..

Fast communication with dentists

Fast communication with dentists

Both the technician and the dentist can add comments and attach pictures for each job.

Online procedures evidence

Simple work with STL files

With MyDentLab, you get accurate records of the work of dental technicians, so you can easily calculate wages and rewards.

Work reports and personnel agenda

Work reports and personnel agenda

The application records the attendance of technicians, their vacations, illnesses, and other information. On the first day of the month, this data, including the exact amount for wages, is sent to the laboratory manager's email or directly to the accountant.

Fast communication with dentists

Warehouse management

You will immediately be notified when the stock level falls below the set minimum quantity. Additionally, from June 2024, orders for missing materials from suppliers will also be automated.

Wishes and requests of doctors

Wishes and requests of doctors

If a collaborating dentist has special wishes or preferences, they can use the 'Doctor's Requests' and 'Questionnaire' features. Thanks to these, even a new dental technician automatically knows about their preferences.

Details about individual features can be found in the FAQ section.

MyDentLab Features

Wishes and requests of doctors
  • Order entry in 6 steps
  • Automatic calculation of deadline and price
  • Automatic filling of materials and batches for orders
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Warehouse management
  • Simple material orders
  • Detailed price lists
  • Dental replacement calculator
Wishes and requests of doctors
  • Automatic assignment of orders
  • Information for drivers or couriers
  • Order evaluations
  • Online procedure records
  • Technicians' workload overview
  • Free access for dentists
  • Doctor's requests tracking
  • Questionnaires
  • Work reports
Wishes and requests of doctors
  • Mobile, tablet, and PC compatibility
  • No installation required
  • No hardware requirements
  • No need for updates
  • Data stored in the cloud
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited data
  • Continuous development
  • Czech support

Read details about individual features in the FAQ section.

“We were tired of processing cases in an inefficient way. We wanted something simple and modern, an application that saved us time and money. We finally decided to create one and have been improving it ever since.“

Jiří Sedláček
Jiří Sedláček
MyDentLab co-founder and dental lab owner

If you like MyDentlab or you want to ask anything, write me at

The application is free for the first 7 days.

Pricing is available upon request and will vary depending on the specific needs of your lab.

Dentists have access to the app for free, so you can invite all of them.

Info Trial will begin after a live demo is completed.

MyDentLab grows with you - pay only for users

Monthly prices are valid after the free 30-day trial period. Dentists have access to the app for free.

Complete Price List

Prices per month apply after the end of the free 30-day trial period.

Subscription Price
1 technician €30
2 - 3 technicians €60
4 - 7 technicians €120
8 - 12 technicians €200
12 - 20 technicians €300
Unlimited number of technicians €400

Working with the app is simple and intuitive

See for yourself during your month-long trial, or contact us at to arrange a customized presentation for your dental lab.


Dental labs are digitalizing,
take a step into the future.

Info Trial will begin after a live demo is completed.